“Home of the original Chicken Bacon Ranch!!!“ Grateful Garments


“Shady Grove Ultimate Domination” Festy Poll Favorite Food Vendor – Headspace Magazine


“Dedicated festy breakfast lunch dinner and midnight snacks.” Earthy Essentials


“Absolutely cannot WAIT to munch your delicious fare.” Annie


“I'd travel to a fest just to eat at Shady Grove Wraps!!” Josh


“Shady Grove Wraps are fantastic! I always check the vendor lists when making my warm-weather festie plans and knowing that Shady Grove is on-site makes camping easier... Clean set-up, nice people and fantastic, reasonably-priced goodness in a wrap! Just strolling by and watching the care and pride with which they create each order makes me hunger fpr my own! Plus, they serve into the early morning... much later than most other vendors. Shady Grove Wraps are the Best” Joy


“Wraps are out of this world.” Sahara Treasures 


“I'm going through Surf & Turf Wrap withdrawls!” Robert


“Best pasta I ever ate! Ever! You guys rock!” Nadine


"Life-saving, munchy-satisfying, wholesome happiness!" Dena


“We at Strange Daze Creations love Shady Grove Wraps!” Christine


“Your wraps were in my dream the other night.” Che


“Thank you to Billy for providing some decadent food for our tummy's. Fries with JO #5 is off the chain! If you don't know Billy, then I suggest the next time you see Shady Grove Wraps you swing by and spend some time getting to know this awesome, kind soul (buy a Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap while your at it). Met him at Camp Barefoot last summer and I have yet to find service and food that measures up to him! Nicest dude EVER! Chicken Bacon Ranch fries are the bee's knee's! We love you, Billy!” Kaylee


“As always your wraps were delightful...thanks again for making such great food and for being such an awesome spirit! Peace and much Love and Respect!!” Robert


“Yum our fav late nite wrap place!!!! Can't wait to bite into a CBR Wrap!!!! Keep on doing your thing it’s amazing.” Emily


"When I think about packing food for a festival, I think, "Hmm..what would be good to bring? Some water, some snacks, maybe some hotdogs or lunchables?" Then I remember Shady Grove. "Guess I won't be needing anything!" Jolisa


“Man, I wish you guys were set up in my living room right now.” John


“You guys are amazing!! You made my belly so happy.” Courtney


“Absolutely delicious! Hope to see ya next year!” Charlie


"The boys over at Shady Grove Wraps keep me fueled up for raging the weekend." Brian


“I've told you before but I'll tell you again, your parmesan garlic fries saved my LIFE.” Crasian


"Chicken bacon ranch We look for you EVERY time." Stephanie


"I didn't think it was possible to put both steak and shrimp inside a wrap...but the guys at Shady Grove Wraps made that possible." David


"Every night I crave your wraps right before the show let's out." Michelle


“I cant tell you how many times your wraps saved me from starving to death x3 thanks” Casey


"Bigger, Faster, Stronger! Chicken Bacon Ranch!!!" Reba


"Surf an Turf with A1 at 1am in the morning keeps me going all night. If it’s not a shady grove wrap then it’s not a wrap. They got the late night munchies." Odin


"Hope I see that stand at my next fest.....but uhhhm Bacon n ranch" Shawn


"Surf and Turf and bacon ,with pesto and hot-sauce. Best wrap made to date." Countryfried Entertainment